Legalization to Thailand

If you have documents to be used in Thailand, it is necessary to legalize them. It is a relatively time-consuming process, with each document being certified by approximately 6 authorities in Slovakia and subsequently also in Vienna. Below in the article, you will learn what the procedure is for some types of documents. You will also learn what a legalized document looks like.

It is important that the documents are certified step by step in the steps they are supposed to follow, otherwise you will not be able to send the document to the Thai embassy for final certification, which is the last step in the process. The Thai embassy for Slovakia is located in Vienna, so the last step is headed there.

If you are interested in legalization, the entire process will be handled by the Legalization Center, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide legalization of almost all types of documents.

Price: EUR 350 / one document + related fees (court fees, embassy fees, official translations, ministry fees – the total fees come to an average of EUR 200 / one document).

The duration of the entire process is approximately 1.5 months, it depends on the place of issue of the document, its type (whether it is a birth certificate or a diploma, etc.) and also the response of the embassy itself.

Legalization of marriage or birth certificate to Thailand

A marriage certificate, birth certificate or other registry document should not have an issue date older than 6 months. If you have an older document, we recommend requesting a new duplicate at the registry office

When super-legalizing a marriage certificate, it is necessary to follow this procedure

  • certificate at the relevant district office
  • certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • official translation (into English)
  • translator’s certificate at the Regional Court
  • certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • certificate at the Thai Embassy in Vienna

Below you can see what a legalized marriage certificate for use in Thailand looks like.