Apostille (legalisation)
of documents issued in the Slovak Republic

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What type of documents are apostilled?

Vital records

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • death certificate
  • certificate of no impediment
  • confirmation of marriage
  • divorce decree
  • certificate of divorce

Personal documents

  • passport
  • identity card
  • driving licence

Education or qualification certificates

  • school reports
  • diplomas
  • diploma supplements
  • certificates of education

Business Register and Trade Licence Register

  • trade licence
  • extract from the Business Register
  • certificate of data registration in the Business Register

Business, enterprises and companies

  • articles of association
  • affidavits
  • powers of attorney
  • contracts with business partners
  • memorandum of association

Criminal Records

  • extract from the criminal records

Apostille attestation process


Non-binding inquiry

Find out how much it will cost and when it will be ready.

Delivery of documents

You can send the original documents to our mail address or deliver them in person to our reception.

Document attestation

We will arrange for the document to be apostilled, or officially translated where necessary.

Delivery of a legalised document

We will deliver the document to you in person or by courier. We can arrange most of the legalisations within 1-5 days.

Why us

  • Thousands of verified documents, great ratings from clients and 0 complaints.
  • We will take care of everything for you, so you do not waste your time and nerves running around the offices.
  • Most offices have a 30-day deadline to verify the documents, we will manage 90% of the verification within 1-5 days.
  • You can be sure that the original will not get lost anywhere, we send it by courier and keep it in the lawyer´s file.
  • The director of the legalisation centre is an authorised lawyer

JUDr. Veronika Michalikova, MBA

Matej Michalik


Yes, both the apostille and the superlegalisation are usually attached to the original document.
Most of the documents are processed within 1 – 5 days. If the document is to be translated or has been issued outside Prague, the processing time might be several days longer.
You can deliver the documents by mail or in person to our law office.
The price for an official translation is usually 30 EUR per standard page (i.e. 1,800 characters including spaces).
The validity of the Apostille or superlegalisation is not limited. However, check the required validity of the document itself in the country where you intend to use your document. In most cases, the documents are accepted with the validity period not longer than 90 days of the date of issue.
Yes, please, send us the scanned document via email and we will send you a price offer.
We do not usually need a power of attorney. If yes, we will notify thereof you in advance. The power of attorney is drawn up by our attorney-at-law.
You can collect the apostilled / superlegalised document at the reception or we will send it to you by mail free of charge. The price of the courier service in the Slovak Republic is 15 EUR. We can send you a price offer for the delivery abroad.

Which countries require apostilled documents


Albania Andorra Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Belgium Belize Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burundi Cape Verde Croatia Colombia Costa Rica Cyprus Czech Republic Montenegro China Denmark Dominica Dominican republic

E - K

Ecuador El Salvador Estonia Fiji Finland France Germany Great Britain Greece Grenada Georgia Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong India Ireland Iceland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Kook Islands Korea (South) Kosovo

L - P

LatviaLesotho Liberia Lichtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary Macao Macedonia Malawi Malta Morocco Marshall Islands Mauritius Mexico Moldova Monaco Mongolia Namibia Netherlands Nicaragua Niue Norway New Zealand Oman Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal

R - V

Romania Russian federation Salvador Samoa San Marino Serbia Seychelles Slovenia Suriname Swaziland St. Lucy St. Kitts and Nevis St. Thomas and Principal Island St. Vincent and the Grenadines Spain Switzerland Sweden Tajikistan Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Ukraine Uruguay United States of America Uzbekistan Venezuela