Apostille DVLA – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

If you have a British driver’s license (issued in Great Britain) and you want to get a driver’s license in your country, you will need an apostille for confirmation issued by the British institution DVLA – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

In order to be able to use it abroad, an apostille is required. If you are interested in an apostille of a DVLA document from Great Britain, contact our legalization center. In the case of this document, we tried in several cases to apostill the original document directly. However, in neither case was it possible to recognize the person who signed the document – the signature pattern.

Therefore, with this particular document, we proceed by certifying the document at a notary in London, while the notary declares on the document that it matches the original (in English: To the best of my knowledge, this is an original document issued by DVLA). The notary affixes his stamp to his signature and the document is subsequently apostilled.

The price for securing an apostille for a DVLA document is EUR 220 + around EUR 70 including courier to Great Britain and back to us. It usually takes about 6 working days + shipping by courier.

A DVLA document issued in Great Britain must be apostilled directly in the UK for use in Slovakia
Apostille on the back of the DVLA document. At the top is the notary’s declaration, at the bottom is the apostille clause

What does the Apostille clause mean on a document?

Because the document was issued abroad, the local authorities must be sure that the document is genuine. In this case, as we mentioned above, it was first necessary to certify the document by a notary in Great Britain, and then it was possible to provide the document with an apostille.

If you have a birth certificate that was issued in England and you want to use it abroad, it must be apostilled in Great Britain.

Why choose us for legalization of documents?

  • The manager of the legalization center is also registered as a lawyer in the Slovak and Czech bar associations
  • We have 11 years of experience
  • We provide apostille from almost all over the world
  • We work with official translators, we can translate the document into any language
  • We are aware that we work with sensitive information, documents are safe with us
  • In the case of foreign documents, we first check the document to see if it is even possible to apostill it. This process may take 1-2 business days
  • If the document is not properly prepared so that it is possible to secure the apostille, we will suggest the right procedure
  • If we do not return the document apostilled, you do not pay for our services. We guarantee 100% satisfaction